About the Author

R.E. Palmer - author

I wrote short stories in my early twenties, and although I've long since lost them, I can still recall most of the details as if I'd written them yesterday - in fact, a few ideas I had back then surface in my first book, Sky.

I've written three non-fiction books on sports training: The Performance Paradox (1998), Zone Mind, Zone Body (2005) and Golf Sense (2010). These have been well received but I'd always wanted to write a full-length novel.

I finally sat down with a plan in 2010 and was really pleased when I managed to finish Sky in 2012. After receiving a number of pleas (there must have been at least half a dozen!) to write a sequel, I shocked myself further when I published Stargazers eighteen months later.

Not satisfied with a two book series, I set myself the goal to write a trilogy. I started the first book in 2014 and the project slowly took shape and turned into the dystopian adventure, The Never Dawn. I waited until I'd finished the second in the series, Cloud Cuckoo before publishing both in 2016. The final instalment, The Gates of Dawn was completed and published in August 2017.

Currently I'm working on a fantasy series, 'Song of Echoes'. I have completed 4 out of the 5 books I plan for the series, and hope to have the final book ready for December 2024.