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Song of Echoes | Paperback Bundle

Song of Echoes | Paperback Bundle

Lose yourself in this epic tale of good versus evil that will keep you reading long into the night!

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An exclusive paperback bundle only available here, direct from the author (with FREE shipping).

This bundle contains the series to date:  

  • Song of Echoes (Book 1)
  • Age of Shadows (Book 2)
  • Sea of Souls (Book 3)
  • Crown of Sorrows (Book 4) 

The 5th and final book in this series will be published in December 2024.

Buy this bundle today and you'll receive a 20% discount voucher code for the last book in this series on its release.

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Chapter 1

Of all tales, the tragic fate of the Three Maidens alone can bring a tear to the eye of even the hardest of souls. It is told, the Gods at the dawn of time grew weary of their work, leaving the young world unfinished. As the Gods slept, their daughters ventured into this land eager to visit the promised new realm. But to their dismay, the rising sun on that first morning exposed only chaos. Undeterred, the Maidens took it upon themselves to complete what their fathers had forsaken. With voices pure, they sang of their desire for order, giving rise to the Song of Creation. With each verse, hills, rivers, trees, and lastly, glistening blue seas emerged from the shapeless mass.

The Maidens then rested on the soft grass to admire the wonders they had created. But the world appeared yet empty and silent. More verses they sang, bringing forth birds, fish and land-bound creatures to inhabit the abundant forests, meadows, rivers and oceans to the delight of the Maidens. And, of all those they brought into the world, it is said they cherished the songbirds the most.

But unbeknown to them, their voices had carried to the ears of one who could not tolerate beauty, desiring instead the disorder of the unmade land. Far beneath the surface, the Evil One stirred. The ground trembled as he rose from his throne and climbed the stone steps. In the many days it took to ascend, the Evil One fashioned the guise of a fair face to conceal his hatred of the Maidens’ song. And so it was in this altered form he greeted the daughters of the Gods. At first, they were wary of the new arrival not of their making. But his silken words eased their doubt, as in their innocence, they could not perceive the devious nature of evil and chose not to heed the songbirds’ misgivings. Thus, the Maidens were deceived and accepted the offer of this stranger, seemingly wise and fair, to enhance their creation. Yet, once the Evil One had gained full knowledge of their song, and could endure the pain of its purity no more, he struck. Of the centuries of torment and vile acts the Evil One inflicted on the poor Maidens, the tales do not tell, for no mortal ears can suffer to hear of such dark deeds.

Not satisfied with their corruption alone, the Evil One moved to bring the sky crashing down upon the world to destroy the work of the Maidens.

Too late did the Gods rise from their slumber. Little choice did they have but to sacrifice the rolling hills of the middle lands to thwart the Evil One’s desire. With immense force, the Gods drove the east hurtling into the west, forming a colossal mountain wall to shore up the falling sky.

As the jagged peaks erupted forth, the Evil One fled, seeking the sanctuary of his underworld realm to bide his time. Too weak to pursue their foe, the Gods made the mighty mount of Caranach to seal for eternity the gateway to his domain.

With the land saved, the Gods sought their daughters in vain. Distraught and driven to madness, they failed to notice the pleas of the songbirds and, in their sorrow believing them dead, abandoned the world never to return.

Alas, for the Maidens, the tale does not end there, but few have the strength of character to listen to the very end. While the Evil One plots his return from beneath the mountain, the daughters of the Gods yet live. Fearing their defilement would bring shame upon their fathers, they had hidden beneath the thick ice far to the north. But still the Evil One’s will holds sway, forcing their ruined throats to shriek new verses of his making, befouling the unfinished song to serve his own purpose. What the Maidens’ spring brings into the world, the Evil One’s winter withers away. That formed by the pure, first verses of the Song, the Evil One’s cunning lures those that follow to spoil. And still the corrupt verses flow. To this day, those wandering the wilds at night, despair at the Maidens’ desperate wails carried by the bitter winds blowing in from the north.

Of the mountains, Caranach still stands, forcing the fabric of the night sky to such a height the falling stars, snared, and dislodged by its towering peak, burn out long before they scorch the earth. But while the people take heart in its magnitude; gales, driven rain, and ice will, over time, wear down a mountain. And the Evil One waits, aiding the elements, pounding the foundations with his great hammer, shaking the earth to open the deep fissures and topple Caranach.

Of the discord sown by the Evil One's verses, the full tale cannot be told, for the echo of the Song reaches all dark corners of the world, stirring hatred in the hearts of an ancient enemy long believed vanquished.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews

I wrote a review to say that I had enjoyed the first book in this series. Well, the second book is even better. I am not going to set out the story here - read the book and enjoy the twist at the end!! Roll on book 3...

Kindle Customer

Absolutely loved this book. The series is fabulous. If you like fantasy, this series is a must-read.

Steve S.

Loved it! Didnt want to put it down. I highly recommend giving this series a look.

Stephen Conn

Move over Harry potter there's a new kid on the block who rivals characters in Tolkien's world and a supporting cast of character's who fight for the world the best of the rest

Nerea Blackthorn

If you are searching for an epic, adult fantasy book series filled with action-packed scenes, political and magic plots, as well as well-driven, well-explained characters, this is your book series: Song of Echoes. I really enjoyed this book even more than the first one! So, I do highly recommend you to read it!

Meet The Author

Hi, I'm so pleased you're here on my new book store. :0)

I was born in Solihull in England. I later discovered two of my favourite authors had either lived, or were born just down the road from my home. J.R.R. Tolkien lived in Sarehole Mill as a child, and John Wyndham was born in Dorridge.

I read avidly from a young age, mainly fantasy and science fiction, and have always enjoyed books on ancient history.

I now live in Bedfordshire, England with my wife. I have two grown up children who live in London and New York.


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